16 hour story: Kerma 2002 (2/5)

My second 16 hour set was much harder, but also much more fun. It was the first day of 2002 at Lil’ Tony’s and Tim Uskali’s Kerma venue, which was following the footsteps of Nylon, only with a slightly more stylish touch. Kerma started out quite jazzy and deep housey, but moved into more and more techno focused program during the years. Laurent Garnier, Metro Area, Carl Craig, José Padilla and Derrick May were some of the guests visiting the comfy spaces of Kerma.

What made the 16h set harder was that I had already played the 01:30 till 03:30 closing set at Taru’s Pussy Club in Hesperia, two hours from 07:00 to 09:00 at Haba, Tab & Co’s Illusions at Nosturi and then headed for the 16 hour set at Kerma from 12:00 until 04:00am. On this gig I got my first ever physical damages while DJing: my right pointing finger burned from operating the Technics turntables (you slow down the wheel with your finger) and my right foot cramped from stomping my feet on the ground all night. I’m not DJ Proteus when it comes to stage antics but I learned that repeating any type of movement for 16 hours can result in some damage… Kerma’s XS size DJ booth didn’t make things easier either as I had so many vinyl records with me that only 70% of them fit into the booth at one time! Thankfully Jouni and Eppu were doing the lights and keeping the spirit up all through my marathon.

What made it more fun was that it was New Year’s Day and there was a real party going on for the whole 16 hours. The afternoon hours were the most surreal as some Really tired and some Very fresh people all mixed up in the same place. Shots of tequila for one group and morning coffee for the other. U2’s ‘New Year’s Day’ was played several times in original and remixed form, while other rocking tracks varied from Op:l Bastard’s Scorpius to Sasha’s Xpander. The flyer was designed by Jani Tolin and featured a sports track in it – an inside verbal joke refering to “rata”;) That day and night resulted in Kerma’s alltime record sales and I remember being super duper tired while carrying the 500+ vinyls to my flat (no elevator) at 05am the next morning with my fiancée Anu. Carrying a man’s vinyls equals true love in the DJs eyes!

If Nylon was the birthplace for Unity, then Kerma was the original home for my house/prog/techno club night JACK. It was originally started by Lil’ Tony but moved to my hands after only couple of weeks due to Toni’s ear damage. And here we are: seven years, various venues and tens of nights and artists later with Redrum being the current home and the Misc boys Juska, Oded & Asaf on board. It’s been the most succesful year so far for JACK with all the nights being practically sold out and packed with an amazing crowd. The nights I have spent in the Redrum booth have all been extremely positive for me and I am looking forward on taking it to a new level.

As a small blast from the past here is the first ever Jack flyer. Lots of legendary names in there and lots of good memories too!

DJ Orkidea’s old school progressive Top 12

01. Underworld: Dark & Long
02. Guy Gerber: Stoppage Time
03. David Bowie & Placebo: Without You I’m Nothing (Brothers In Rhythm Club Mix)
04. Saints & Sinners: Pushin Too Hard
05. Atlas: Compass Error (Tarrentella vs. Redanka mix)
06. Leftfield: Song Of Life (Original 12″ version)
07. Breeder: The Chain
08. BT: Remember (Sasha Remix)
09. Killahurtz: West On 27th
10. Spooky: Little Bullet
11. Luzon: The Baguio Track (Bedrock remix)
12. Steve Lawler: Rise In (Nalin & Kane Vocal Mix)

DJ Orkidea’s nu skool progressive 2009 Top 12

01. Thomas Banglater: Together (Mat Zo Bootleg)
02. Guy J: Lamur (Henry Saiz Remix)
03. Way Out West: Future Perfect (Original mix)
04. Ladyhawke: Paris Is Burning (Matthew Dekay remix)
05. Pet Shop Boys: Love Etc. (Gui Boratto Mix)
06. Tom Neville: Run In Reverse (Chris Lake & LYS remix)
07. Rasmus Faber: Are You Ready (Jerome Isma-ae dub)
08. Shiloh: Chords
09. Techtors: Trains
10. Underworld: Two Months Off (Grayarea’s Four Years Off remix)
11. Daniel Portman: Dark Is The Night For All
12. D.Ramirez, Mark Knight & Underworld: Downpipe