World’s first ever dj mix ringtones!

Nobody has probably ever had DJ sets as a ringtone as they are too long/large for that use. But not anymore! All true ravers can now download rave-o-lutionary sets from last summer’s One Minute Raves held by Unity PossĂ© here in Helsinki. Here are links to lofi and hifi quality versions of them with tracklists included below. Enjoy and R.A.V.E. !!!

DJ Orkidea @ One Minute Rave Part 1:

  1. L.A. Style: James Brown Is Dead (ZYX 1991)
  2. Human Resource: Dominator (R&S 1991)
  3. The Prodigy: Everybody In The Place (XL 1991)
  4. Westbam: The Mayday Anthem (Low Spirit 1992)

DJ Orkidea @ One Minute Rave Part 2:

  1. The KLF: Last Train To Trancentral (Blow Up 1991)
  2. 2 Unlimited: No Limit (Byte 1992)
  3. Moby: Next Is The E (Rough Trade 1993)

DJ Orkidea @ One Minute Rave Part 3:

  1. The KLF: What Time Is Love? (Blow Up 1991)
  2. The Prodigy: No Good (XL 1994)
  3. Westbam: Celebration Generation (Low Spirit 1993)