3D sound DJ set at Helsinki Design week

I played yesterday my first ever DJ set in 3D sound environment. 3D sound means basically surround sound but with height dimension. 4.1 surround in the ground and high above you means you can position any sound in 3D space. Helsinki Design Week had american sound designer and inventor Charlie Morrow showcasing this state of the art technology in Kaapelitehdas and he invited me to come and play a set.

The night ended up being one of the most interesting gigs in a long time. It was small intimate space where my set started from uber-deep ambient, moving through chill out, downtempo, dub reggae, electronica and house all the way to spoken word fairytale LPs, Pink Floyd, Jarre, Kraftwerk and movie soundtracks. There were live singers, laptop artist, bass player, synth player, 3D sound effects and even shellfish playing (!) going on through-out the night. Also some of Finland’s top modern dance artists danced an impromptu performances. And just when I thought it would be over couple people started dancing and there end up being one hour dance session in the exhibition space. It’s refreshing to feel truly artistic freedom and crowd that open minded.