A very special Radio Unity mix today

For the last two years Radio Unity mixes have been built very much around similar type of music: progressive house and progressive trance. Even if I collect, love and play all sorts of electronic music I’ve wanted to focus to certain style with the show. Last month there were some requests to do something slightly different (thanks Jamey!) so I was planning a label, genre, classics or producer special but ended up doing something a bit more advanced… I could say that this month’s Radio Unity is the most eclectic mix I’ve ever done. It’s filled with tracks that I absolutely love, but which I haven’t been able to fit into any mixes because they are so “different”.

So I decided to put together a mix combined from only those sort of tracks. Genres range from downtempo, atmospheric electronica, indie dance and dubstep to nu skool breakz and drum’n’bass with tempos varying from 104bpm to 175bpm. None of the music is probably classified as “trance” yet there is a distinctively trancey vibe through out the mix. It’s all production wise futuristic and super emotional music and if there ever was a “journey” mix from me – then this would be it. Surely not everyone will like it but I sincerely hope you’ll reserve one hour of peaceful time, good sound system and an open mind to see where music will take you.

Unfortunately I am travelling from London to Helsinki right at the time of the Afterhours.fm broadcast so I can’t attend the live chat on AH.FM forum but please let me know what you think of the mix.