Astrix this Friday at Clinic

My all time psy trance hero, the israelian uplifting master Astrix is playing this Friday at Clinic’s 2nd Birthday event at Voimala in Helsinki. Astrix is responsible for such classics as ‘Massive Activity’ and ‘Solaris’. The line up is fulfilled with top notch finnish psyish DJs Indigo, Miazy, Polly, Poliisi, Proteus and myself.

I will play before Astrix who will first play a DJ followed by one hour live set. I’ll probably play a progressive influenced set combined from psychedelic prog house, techno and some progressive psy trance. Probably no full on this time as my slot is at 23:00 and anyway I mainly want to make sure that the main star has perfect (and not too hard) ground to build on.

I’ve also heard that they will have very nice sound system from Precision Audio (the same we had at LOVE) and some pretty special psy dude doing great decoration so it sounds like there is a great night ahead. Hope to see you there!