BT headlining Labyrinth//Laserpoint

This year looks like a special one regarding foreign EDM guests we’re getting to Helsinki. One definite highlight is BT’s performance at Laserpoint/Labyrinth event at Kaapelitehdas on 18th of April 2009. Others being DJ Alfredo at Pacifique, while I’ve heard some pretty amazing names mentioned coming to for example Redrum, Flow Festival, Konemetsä and Eliot Ness’ events during 2009.

I’ve been a huge fan of Brian Transeau’s work since 1995. I still remember vividly hearing Sasha’s 11 minute remix of Embracing The Sunshine for the first time and being totally blown away by the sophistication of his debut album IMA on Paul Oakenfold’s Perfecto label in 1995. Overall his albums are very very nice artistic combinations of styles and genres and not just collection of his dancefloor singles. The list of his classic tracks is simply mindblowing: Flaming June, Godspeed, Loving You More, Remember, Mercury & Solace, Dreaming, Sonambulist, Anomaly (Calling Your Name), Sunblind, BT remix of Grace’s Not Over Yet

And those are just his trance classics. BT is one of the rare cases in the dance music community who has been able to work in many different genre’s and scenes. Soundtracks for movies like Monster and Fast & Furious, own sample CDs, countless major remixes for the likes of Madonna and Seal, producing NSync’s ‘Pop’, software plugin development, EA game soundtracks, epic ambient album/film ‘This Binary Universe’, producing tracks for Tiesto and collaborating with Paul van Dyk are all part of BT’s 15 year career.

I’ve played once after BT’s “Laptop symphony” gig in 2003 in Ontario Canada at World Electronic Music Festival and I must say that set alone made me believe that laptop live sets can be spontanious, creative, entertaining and energetic. He was jamming with Ableton Live software making live mash-ups while playing also best pieces of his own classic back catalogue. I was playing right after him and I must say it’s not the easiest moment to start after BT playing Flaming June;) First time I heard BT live was at Berlin’s legendary E-Werk club at a memorable event around Love Parade 1997 with Paul van Dyk, Sasha, Digweed, Nick Warren, BT live and Stefano Libelle playing that night. Now that’s what I call a dream line-up!!

Laserpoint has anyway proved to be a not-to-miss date in Helsinki clubbing calendar but now when they are teaming up with the Labyrinth massive and with BT headlining I have a gut feeling that it’s gonna be better than ever.