Orkidea: Metaverse

Orkidea: Metaverse Andy Moor & Orkidea: YearZero Orkidea: Free Dreams Solarstone & Orkidea: Slowmotion David West & Orkidea: God’s Garden Orkidea: Stretching Time Lowland & Orkidea: Masochrist Way Out West: Killa (Orkidea vs Dallas Superstars remix) Orkidea: Requiem Nightwish: Bye Bye Beautiful (Orkidea remix) Label: AVA Rercordings / Universal Music Released: March 2008 Mastering: Minerva […]

Orkidea: Music Speak In Thousand Languages

Have A Nice This Moment (02:24) Beautiful (Ambient mix 2004) (04:51) Sparkles (08:00) Power of Chi (07:24) Theme Isla Blanca (01:56) Melancholy (Softy’s Mix) (04:12) Manchester 1992 (04:39) Dreams Are Free (07:10) Spacedubbeout (07:59) Oceania(06:22) Take Me Baby (07:22) Universal Music (03:39) Joutsenlaulu (06:24) Written and produced by: Tapio Hakanen except: 01 features samples from […]

Orkidea: Taika

Orkidea: Inner Peace (07:59) Orkidea: Unity (10:13) Orkidea: Beautiful (07:32) Orkidea: Melancholy (10:08) Space Manoeuvres: Stage One (Orkidea remix) (09:15) DJ Tiesto: Flight 643 (Orkidea remix) (08:40) Aalto: Rush (Super8 vs Orkidea remix) (07:51) Leama: Labrynth (Orkidea remix) (10:48) Label: Universal Music Released: October 2003 Mastering: Minerva Pappi @ Finnvox Studios Cover art: Niko Nyman