Solarstone: Touchstone (Orkidea remix)

Solarstone: Touchstone (Orkidea remix) by Orkidea My remix of the Solarstone album title track from his Touchstone album. This is included on Solarstone’s Electronic Architecture 2 compilation and will also be released as a single later on this year. . Solarstone: Touchstone (Orkidea remix) Written by Rich Mowatt Remix by Tapio “Orkidea” Hakanen Additional production […]

Hans Zimmer: Time [Inception Theme] (Orkidea remix)

Hans Zimmer: Time (Orkidea’s Dream mix) by Orkidea Hans Zimmer: Time (Orkidea’s Awake mix) by Orkidea

Nightwish: Bye Bye Beautiful (Orkidea remix)

A1: Bye Bye Beautiful (4:14) A2: Poet And The Pendulum (demo version) (13:41) A3: Escapist (4:57) A4: Bye Bye Beutiful (DJ Orkidea remix) (12:07) Label:Spnefarm / Nuclear Blast / Roadrunner Written by: Tuomas Holopainen Info: Orkidea remix is also featured on the double CD “Platinum” version of Dark Passion Play album and Orkidea: Metaverse album.

Solar Stone: The Calling (Orkidea remix)

¬†A1: The Calling (Orkidea’s Piano Mix) B1: The Calling (Jonas Steur remix) Label: Solaris Written by: Rich Mowatt & Andy Bury Info: Originally released on Hooj Choons in 1997

Way Out West: Killa (Orkidea remix)

 A1: Killa (Orkidea remix)  B1: Killa (Orkidea vs Dallas Superstars remix) Label: Solaris Released: October 2005 Written by: Nick Warren & Jody Wisternoff

Avanto: The Flute (Orkidea remix)

 A1: The Flute (Orkidea remix) B1: The Flute (Mike Shiver remix) Label: Electric Sauna Released: September 2005

Tilt: Twelve (Orkidea remix)

Disc Three  A1: Twelve (Orkidea remix) Label: Lost Language Written by: Andy Moor, Mick Parks & Mick Wilson Released: August 2005

Space Manoeuvres: Stage One (Orkidea remix)

A1: Stage One (Marcus Schulz remix)  B1: Stage One (Orkidea remix) Label: Tirade Music Written by: John Graham aka Quivver, remix by Tapio Hakanen & Niklas Renqvist Info: Orkidea remix originally made for Hooj Choons back in 1999 but was unreleased until this Tirade release.

Aalto: Rush (Super8 vs Orkidea remix)

A1: Rush: Original Mix  B2: Rush (Super8 vs Orkidea remix) Label: Anjunabeats Written by: Paavo Siljamäki & Miika Eloranta, remix by Tapio Hakanen & Miika Eloranta Released: May 2003

Perwert: Symphonic (Orkidea remix)

A1: Symphonic (Original Mix) A2: Symphonic (Orkidea’s We Are Together Mix) B1: Symphonic (Simon London’s Seek Help Mix) B2: Symphonic (Cutting Edge Mix) Label: BMG Finland Released: March 2002