20 years of DJing & album release tour, Klubi, Turku

  • Saturday 19.11 – Klubi, Turku
  • Orkidea (Pacifique, Jack, LOVE)
  • Milla Lehto (Playground)
  • Jussi Soro (Choon!)
  • Homegrove (Further)
  • 22 – 04 / Tickets 10/13€ / Age 18
  • Misc Management, Universal Music and The Circus present
  • http://music.clubunity.org/20/Orkidea_20_Helsinki_400_v2.png
  • ORKIDEA: 20
  • 20 years of DJing & album release celebration
  • This night celebrates Orkidea’s 20 years of DJing and the release of his third artist album which also includes a book with an extensive look into the finnish clubbing and electronic music history from 1991-2011. The event will feature a photo and flyer exhibition covering these twenty years. For this special night Orkidea has invited some of his favorite DJs and artists to come together and take us on a 20 year journey of electronic dance music.
  • IAN OSSIA (UK, Renaissance classics)
  • Orkidea (Orkidea classics)
  • Tab (Hallmark classics)
  • Proteus (Rave classics)
  • Mr.A (Kerma classics)
  • Jokke (Botta classics)
  • Ender (Berlin classics)
  • Jay Mellin (Hype classics)
  • Maniac (Old school classics)
  • +Very special guest: Lowland’s Classical Trancelations (LIVE)
  • VJ: *jen (Kansallisteatteri)
  • Lights: Tea & Severi (Unity)
  • Photo & flyer exhibition supported by Sessions2
  • Old school VIP lounge 21:00-23:00 presented by Kopparberg
  • Date: Saturday 12.11.2011
  • Time: 21:00-04:00
  • Place: The Circus
  • Tickets: 12€
  • Advance tickets: http://www.tiketti.fi/tapahtuma/13447
  • Facebook: http://on.fb.me/Orkidea20
  • http://music.clubunity.org/20/Orkidea_20_Logo_400_v1.png
  • The album comes equipped with a beautiful 40 page book, that takes us into the history of finnish clubbing and electronic music scene. Featuring interviews with 20 finnish club legends such as Alex Nieminen, Lil’ Tony, Mr.A, Proteus & Tab and some ultra rare interviews with the likes of Sam Inkinen and Eliot Ness. These indepth interviews were conducted by DJ/journalist Erkko Lehtinen. The book – designed by Niko Nyman and Jani Isoranta – is visualized with photos from Finland’s most talented club photographer’s collections from 1991-2011.
  • The album ’20’ features brand new Orkidea productions, collaborations with Solarstone, Lowland, Heikki L, JS16 and remixes for Tilt vs Paul van Dyk, Way Out West and Art of Trance. Also included are remakes of trance classics such as ‘Hale Bopp’ & ‘Sun Down’ and 2011 remixes of Orkidea classics ‘Unity’ and ‘Beautiful’. The album is released by Universal Music in Scandinavia and Solarstone’s Solaris label in the rest of the known universe. Release date is 11.11.11.
  • This event is a kick start for 20 date tour around Finland and Europe. Included are international gigs at the legendary Ministry of Sound in London & Technoclub in Frankfurt, traditional finnish venues Klubi in Turku and Senssi in Tampere and epic one offs such as Pacifique and The Playground Birthday event. Continuing where Taika & Metaverse tours were left – we think this will be an amazing reunion of old and new music lovers. Full details of the whole tour coming soon…
  • http://djorkidea.com/wp
  • http://www.misc.fi
  • http://www.thecircus.fi
  • http://www.sessions2.fi
  • http://www.kopparberg.fi
  • http://www.universalmusic.fi
  • http://www.solaris-recordings.com
  • 20 YEARS OF
  • Unity, JACK, Kerma, Pete Tong, LOVE, Armada, Beautiful, Nylon, Anjunabeats, Killa, Sun, DTM, Paul Oakenfold, Black Hole, Gatecrasher, Andy Moor, YearZero, Illusions, Uunisaari, Gareth Emery, Metaverse, Solaris, Bye Bye Beautiful, Pacifique, Hype, Jose Padilla, Aeroplane, AVA, Konemetsä, Lepakko, Sven Väth, Tiesto, Flight 643, Perfecto, God’s Garden, Renaissance, Pussy, Hesperia, Hallmark, Nature One, Universal Music, Eric Prydz, One Minute Rave, Pacha, Labyrinth, Laserpoint, Sasha, Oranssi, Ministry of Sound, Q, Solarstone, Tresor, Unity The Island. The story continues…
  • http://music.clubunity.org/20/Orkidea_20_Kopparberg_400_v1.png

2000-luvun tunnetuimpiin klubeihin kuuluva [reiv:] vierailee ensimmäistä (ja viimeistä) kertaa Club YK:lla (YK sulkee ovensa lokakuussa)

[reiv:] 7th birthday

Club YK + Bassment, Helsinki
Saturday 15.10.201
F1 sound

Presale 8€, www.tiketti.fi (+bf’s)

line up:



ALEX NIEMINEN (Dancemob set)
MEKAANIKKO (minimalinen set)
ERKKO (100% elektroninen set)
HEALIUM & K. LARM live (303% set)

2010 jätettiin synttärit väliin Helsingissa muiden kiireiden vuoksi ja vietettiin niitä pienellä minitourilla. Tänä vuonna tehdään kaksinverroin komeampi kansanjuhla kotikaupungissa

Syksyiseen iltaan on tulossa huomattava määrä extrasälää mutta tällä kertaa jätetään kaikki hypetys ja pidetään iltaa varten yllätyksiä säästössä

Eli, tyle ja koe itse…

Huom: Jointly with Reboot 5.0, the 50 hour Bassment party!

  • Friday 14.10.2011
  • 22:00 – 04:00
  • Age limit: K18
  • Playground, Helsinki, Finland
  • NICK WARREN (Hope Recordings, UK)
  • Orkidea (Jack, Unity, Love)
  • Flink (Playground)
  • Tony Puerto (Euphoria)
  • R3ino (HouseMania)
  • Nikiki
  • Mr Sinner (Club Sunset)
  • Winberg
  • Nick Warren bio
  • You can tell when Nick Warren’s on the decks. The music emanating from the man is that perfect club mix of driving percussion and soaring musicality, bursting out of the speakers, soaking everyone in melody, drenching them in sound.
  • On the floor, where it really matters, his crowd experience all the peaks and troughs that make his music so unique. Locking on early, you’ll hear his deeper take on house, which morphs, as the club mood changes, into harder territory, music for sweating and losing yourself to. That’s why Nick Warren is so respected, because he knows how to truly work a club, and a crowd, delivering again and again. That’s what comes with vision and, just as importantly, experience.
  • Nick, a music obsessive who grew up on punk, reggae and pop was, like so many DJs turned onto the power of house music. Living in Bristol, he’d been playing tunes for a few years before, running his own club night finally catching the attention of a group of guys who had their own band, he was asked to be their tour DJ when they went to play America. The group was Massive Attack.
  • His sound is entirely unique, sourced by forging relationships with cutting edge producers all over the globe, most of his set still made up of unsigned new electronic talent. This is no better represented than in the continuing series of compilations and his bi monthly Soundgarden show.
  • He has also taken over A&R at Hope Recordings as the final link in the chain that allows him to represent the sound that he has so long championed.
  • Nick Warren isn’t for standing still, he loves what he’s doing too much for that, but you know that already.

More info tba…

Something very special…

This is it

Suurin [reiv:] -event koskaan Tampereella

Pääosassa itse MARCO V, Hollannin ylpeys ja yksi electron & trancen suurimmista nimistä maailmalla, supporteinaan kaikkien aikojen kovin kattaus kotimaan elektroguruja

MARCO V (www.marcov.nl)

ORKIDEA (Love; Hki)
PROTEUS (Säde, Hki)
ELIOT NESS (Renegade, Hki)
MUFFLER (Renegade, Hki)
RICO TUBBS (Renegade, Tre)
TREMONT ([reiv:] Tampere / Futuristics)

Kahdella stagella


[reiv:] ilolla esittää, neljän loppuunmyydyn tapahtuman jälkeen, todellista herkkua elektronisen musiikin ystäville

* visuaaleja useilta screeneiltä
* tanssiperformansseja TBC
* lisätekniikka / visuaalit molemmissa saleissa
* ilmainen pikkusnacks tarjoilu läpi illan

Uskomattomaan 12€ hintaan!!!! (+bf’t)

sekä Swamp Tampere (ilman välityspalkkioita!)

[reiv:] Tykkää Tre