Change to digital DJing

This has been an unevitable thing to come and I’ve now decided to make the change to digital later this year. The benefits of of mixing, distributing and carrying music in digital form versus analog vinyl are just too big to ignore. And having two different formats isn’t really handy either. I’ll continue buying all the best releases on vinyl and really hope labels will be able to continue releasing stuff on vinyl.

I’ll be also playing more gigs with Ableton Live next to the CDJ setup providing samples and FX from there. This is something I tried on some 15 gigs already during Taika tour in 2003. The main problem back then was the lack of space when using vinyl, CDs and a laptop , but now when dropping the vinyl there should be enough space in DJ booths. I think the whole change to digital will take the art of DJing into a totally new level.