Danceteria Love Boat review

What a cruise! It was just unreal how great it was. The whole ship seemed to just smiles and smiles as the day was the most beautiful we’ve seen this summer, there was such great bunch of people around and overall the setting was close to perfect as m/s Emma has seen a remarkable facelift this summer. The ship looks a bit boxy from outside but inside it’s soooo much better than before.

I had the honour to play alongside the residents Mr.A and Heikki L and it was good vibes house all evening long. Mr.A warmed the place with some great balearic/disco sounds with House of House’s unearthly anthem ‘Rushing To Paradise (Walkin’ These Streets)’ sounding better than ever with Helsinki sunset as backdrop. Heikki then upped the tempo with more pumpin’ stuff like his own brilliant ‘Baila Baila’. I played one hour of this summer’s house faves like Sweep The Floor, Rose Rouge and Lift. The DONS remix of The Chase and Mat Zo’s remix of U2’s Beautiful Day also seemed to go down well. Mr.A and Heikki then finished the cruise with one hour b2b session with major summer bombs mixed with their own old and new stuff. The forthcoming Danceteria release sounded very promising.

Speaking of Danceteria releases – the event was also release party for Pete Morillo vs Eric Tong EP on Danceteria. There some finnish producers behind the cheeky alias but no more info on that here;) You can find the release in Beatport etc in 2-4 weeks.

All in all it was such a beautiful day & night and will surely be the we’ll be remembering next winter here in cold Finland. Thanks to Antti & Hessu for inviting me on board and let’s hope this was one of many more to come!