DJ Mag Top 100

Last year I promised I won’t participate in the spamming madness of DJ Mag’s Top 100 voting anymore. Even if I won’t be sending you zillion emails and MySpace/Facebook messages here is still a friendly reminder that the voting is on again and I warmly welcome you to support your favorite (and especially finnish) DJs. I’ve been twice in the Top 250 so you never know what happens..

Surely the voting gains some PR for this culture and makes some DJs easier to promote for the public but it has some major negative consequences too. Mainly the whole approach of popular=better isn’t so simple. This culture is about progression and moving forward with sound, technology and thought. I just hope that none of the Top 100 DJs will “play it safe” to stay on the list, but keep pushing our culture and music forward. So if you’ve enjoyed my gigs or Metaverse album for example, feel free to support me and my finnish colleagues like Super8 & Tab, Darude and Proteus who all have good chances to be in the Top 100. Voting goes on until 24th of September in the link below: