Extremely Miscbehaving on Oct 24th

In couple weeks there will be again an Extremely Miscbehaving event here in Helsinki. The idea of these events (organized by Misc Management) is that one of the Misc artists invites his favorite foreign and finnish artists to play one night together. Last December I hosted one event with Solarstone, Redanka and Mr.A all joining the decks. Here is some video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yb4yEmkdUco&fmt=6 and some pictures: http://tinyurl.com/mcpfuj). I’m at least as excited as before the last event because this time the guests are also my all time heroes, fave DJs and friends too after years of working (and partying) together.

Ian Ossia represents a true old school hero. He is one of the first Renaissance residents (alongside Sasha & Digweed) since 1992. Ian first visited Helsinki at a Renaissance event in 1998 and blew everybody away with a set that could be THE progressive house set of all times. Not exaggerating! His Renaissance mix CDs (together with Dave Seaman and Nigel Dawson) were essential mileposts for the trancey late 90s prog sound. He’s been in Helsinki at least 6-7 times headlining Renaissance, Pussy and Jack events and I’m very much looking forward to hearing his melodic, groovy and sophisticated prog sound again.

Andy Moor is the second foreign headliner and equally meaningful to me. His productions as Tilt, Leama & Moor and Whiteroom are some of the best progressive trance of 21st century, his AVA label is a very profilic quality trance output, he has remixed everybody from Brian Eno to Britney Spears and he is remarkably #18 on the DJ Mag’s Top 100 list. Our collaboration YearZero took off pretty well in 2006 and he also released my Metaverse album outside of UK on AVA resulting in multiple Beatport Trance Top 10 tracks for example. During this visit we’ll also collaborate with Andy in studio. Let’s see what the results will be like…

Finnish guest of the night is DJ Coma who is a true veteran in our local scene and in my opinion is one of the best progressive house DJs in all of Scandinavia. He was also one of the first promoters to book me outside of Helsinki in the mid-90s. As a DJ he is best known as resident for Pussy and Clinic clubs and his brilliant Sunday chill-out radio show on Basso. His warm up of Nick Warren at Jack in March was brilliant so he is perfect choice to warm the floor at Helsinki Club.

Myself and Coma will do the warm up with proggy stuff, Ian will do his Renaissance style prog effort and Andy will finish the night with some quality trance. The event will also be the finnish premiere of the much hyped DJ Hero game which is nice as there heros around anyway. Let’s see if we get to battle with Tero, Ian and Andy to see who’s scratch hand is quickest;) Event is hosted by the Peled Brothers, lights are designed and controlled by Tea & Severi (of Unity), DJ Hero room is hosted by DJ Orion (of YleX) and the afterparty features Genki, Flight, Orion and Casper so I sense Extremely Miscbehaving coming up… Hope to see you all at Helsinki Club on Saturday 24th!

PS. Here is a link to the Facebook event: http://tinyurl.com/yetv8jq