Extremely Miscbehaving review

It was great seeing so many friends and otherwise happy and familiar faces at Helsinki Club last Saturday. People do make the party – that was proved once again for sure! The DJs were in good shape too and it felt like a team effort made to build a solid and smooth musical journey  from deep progressive house to uplifting trance. All the DJs rocked in my opinion which was expected as there were some of my alltime fave jouckeys behind the wheels. Some musical highlights included a new Yousef track from Coma, Jerome Isma-ae’s remix of Way Out West from Ian Ossia and rocking new prog trance track from Ashley Wallbridge played by Andy Moor. My own set’s highlights would have been the Hanry Saiz remix of Lamur, Matthew Dekay remix of Ladyhawke and Way Out West’s Future Perfect. Progressive house with a Renaissance vibe was the name of the game. 

Upstairs I got to try out the DJ Hero game and it felt like excellent pre/after-party game which will definitely get many people hooked up with DJing for the first time. Guitar Hero has boosted guitar sales big time (even if some old school rockers thought the otherwise before hand) so I’m excited to see if the same will happen with DJ equipment. It was also fresh to see this kind of “entertainement room” to work nicely at an event. As an alternative for a traditional chill out/2nd house room option which has been seen zillion times. Next time maybe bingo or some trivia action?

Helsinki Club is pretty good venue even if the dancefloor gets small pretty quickly. Misc guys and Beige/Harmaa VJs together with Unity Collective members (Tea, Severi, Markus and Otso) had made a good effort in transforming the venue into something more atmospheric even if there was some major problems with light desk. I even got to control the blinders for a while which was fun hehe. I think I’ll still stay behind the other control booth;) Also the masks brought by Markus were such a fun element to the party with many good laughts laughed thanks to those.

Btw, I must say mad props for the guy with ‘A Place Called Happiness’ tattoo in his right arm. Respect! Lets hope the the next Extremely Miscbehaving won’t be too far away…