Extremely Miscbehaving this Friday

This Friday it’s time for some Extrrrrrreeeeemely Miscbehaving. Not that I have plans to enter the pages of yellow press by running naked in movie premier but in form of a very special event by Misc Management. Misc Management is Finland’s longest running professional DJ agency focusing in credible dance music. They’ve been handling my foreign bookings since ’99 which has gotten us to Amsterdam, Toronto, Roskilde, Berlin, Tokyo and around the Finland with my Metaverse Tour.

The consept of Miscbehaving is that each Misc roster artist invites his favorite foreign and finnish DJs. I’ve invited trance superstar Solarstone and equally legendary prog producer Redanka. I’ver been a big fan of both of their music since late 90s and it’s an honour to have them here. Finland is represented by Danceteria headhoncho Mr.A providing main room warm up, Unity Collective bringing in sunshine and craziness downstairs lounge together with Orion and Oded Peled.

Virgin Oil venue with it’s big dance floor, spacious balcony and nice lounge area is perfect fit for this event. It used to be the home of finnish trance super club Hallmark and has also hosted one off events with guests like Eric Prydz and Andy Moor but hasn’t ben used much lately. With Severi from Unity in lights, Precision Audio giving an extra oomph to the PA and overall Miscified touch we should have a splendid Friday this week! Btw, the event also has probably the longest flyer ever made! Try to find one from selected shops in Helsinki. You can also listen to the radio ad (by yours truly) HERE.