Farewell to Uunisaari

Thank you. Last Saturday was truly something special. Great ending for six years of all of us raving on this beautiful, magical island in Helsinki that is Uunisaari. I know we (at Unity) keep saying this, but once again it was THE people who made THE party. Weather surely wasn’t the best but I was happy that it didn’t rain during the day and early evening. And people seemed to have decided that it was time to p.a.r.t.y and it was all smiles even though it was raining cats’n’dogs outside.

I was blown away by the amount of people (75% ?) wearing costumes and such amazing costumes! Creative, funny, stylish, freaky, homemade, flashy, tiny… it was all great and unique and I had hard time recognizing many people. Personally I took a timewarp back to my raver days and dressed up as a candy raver. I wasn’t quite like that back in da day but neon hair, rave shirts, smileys and whistles were definitely part of my outfit in 1992;)

It’s hard to pinpoint one highlight of whole event but the beach party was probably my special moment. Surely main room was raving all night but in Finland there’s something special in dancing barefoot on soft sand to house music. This is not Ibiza, this is not Miami, This Is Uunisaari! And Lowland’s piano concert was as sublime as always. I’m happy to tell that Lowland’s piano versions of trance classics have been signed to Armin van Buuren’s Armada label and will be released worldwide later this year with Armin and Paul van Dyk already hypeing them big time!

I’m sure I missed lot of the fun too with stuff like world’s first ever Hohto-Neppis (=Black light miniatyre car race?) and Indigo’s chill-out session on the beach tent taking place during the night while I was DJing. Another thing people have been praising was Sami Uotila’s Lord Of The Rings monologue on the beach accompanied by Trio Taika’s fire show.

It was still great night to me as playing my first DJ gig in Finland in six months was such a joy. I must thank from the bottom of my heart for all these six years our LJs Tea & Severi and Finland’s #1 sound system provider Lasse from Precision Audio who make my life easy with such nice visuals and thundering sound system. And of course once again the people who made the atmosphere on the dancefloor! Hands were in the air a lot but honourable mentions go to Mylo’s Drop The Pressure and Eric Prydz’ Pjaano at beach while in main room Joonas Hahmo’s Cocktail Bar, Andy Moor’s Fake Awake, Richard Durand’s Skunk Anansie remix, Mat Zo remix of U2’s Beautiful Day, Van Gogh & Gold’s 2008 remix of Delerium’s Silence, Andy’s Transatlantic remix, Mayday, YearZero, Unity and Ezkimo remix of Prodigy’s Voodoo People were all moments to remember for a long time… I will post a full tracklist of the night here during the weekend.

BIG thank you also to Riku aka DJ Phaze for collecting that heartwarming book with greetings to me and Unity from lot of people. Much appreciated and that book will be truly special for many years to come. All of you who wrote to it – please check out THIS LINK.

To ensure that your memories won’t fade away: here is a link to Unity Memories site with a gallery by the photo gurus from SESSIONS2. The planned photo stand operated only for five minutes before someone/something broke their lamp and they couldn’t continue as evening was getting dark. I think they’ve still done great job in capturing the vibe and all in all they are super pro (and super nice) people. There is also the Mega Group Photo taken on the beach at 20:00 which is a true capture of Helsinki Club Scene Massive in the year 2008. Peace, Love, Unity and Respect to you all.