Guest at Tiistain Tanssi-Ilta

For your information if you live in Finland: I am tomorrow (on Tuesday 9th of December at 21:00-22:00) guest at YleX’s Tiistain Tanssi-Ilta program hosted by fellow DJ and friend DJ Orion. I will present one track and tell a bit of things coming up in the near future on production and gig front. More info about the show on Orion’s website.The track I’ll be presenting is my remix of Way Out West’s ‘Ajare‘. There will be two remixes of mine, one progressive and one more trancey, and this is the proggy one. It’s still a bit work-in-progress and not mastered but definitely in a playable condition. Let me know what you think! Ajare is one of my all time favorite tracks from 1994 so it’s been an honor remixing it. On this remix I’ve taken a bit new route rhythmically, used many new synths’n’toys and it’s also the first track done in the new studio. So definitely a big learning experience but I’m quite happy how it’s turning out. I’ll keep you posted on the other version and possible release schedule.