Harri Aalto R.I.P

Last Monday was a very, very sad day to me when I heard that my beloved friend Harri Aalto had died. Harri was my old friend since high school in 1992, true soul mate and one of the main figures in Club Unity from the very beginning. Together we travelled around Finland, Berlin, Tokyo, Cairo, Stockholm, Russia and where not during the years. Harri was always the most positive, creative and energetic guy and whatever crazy idea anyone had he was always up for it making it happen – double-crazy.

His contribution to Club Unity was huge as main figure in Unity DJ Collective, One Minute Raves, Renaissance events and zillion other things. It was also Harri who introduced me to Niko and Nicke of Slusnik Luna back in 1994. It’s hard to really understand this whole loss and still there are no words big enough to tell these feelings… He will be missed, his spirit will live on and he surely won’t be forgotten. Ever.