Holy moly! What a weekend!

Weekends for a DJ don’t get much better than this I could say. This Friday and Saturday are exactly why I still (after 19 years) love DJing, promoting and making music from the bottom of my heart.

On Friday we had my long time hero Eric Prydz at our LOVE event in Helsinki. His two hour set was (at least in my humble opinion) the set of the year. It’s unbelievable that someone can play such a set consisting almost fully from his own music. Many unreleased anthems and some great exclusive versions from his well known hits like Pjaano, On/Off and his Faithless remix. Besides the music the place looked the best we’ve had at LOVE so far (mad props to Tea & Severi, Markus, Otso and Jenni for that!), there were lot of friends around, the ice cannons were blasting and overall with 1000 people we were super happy with the whole night. Can’t wait for the next LOVE…

On Saturday I played a classics (1994-2000) set at legendary Hype Club’s reunion party at Presidentti. If on Friday we had lots friends around then Saturday felt like a really big house party with sooooo many old friends around. Playing classics is always fun as long as it’s a rare enough treat taking place only with special occasions. Which this night definitely was! You don’t see every night Heikki L, Super8, Tab, Milla Lehto, Peled Bros and tons of other promoters and DJs having it big time on the dance floor. Many thanks to Jay Mellin for inviting me – it was an honour. And greets and lots of respect to Jaskari, Jokke, Rale and rest of the old skool gang.

Btw, a very special shout out to the many faces that I see on almost every gig here in Helsinki. It is heart warming to see you turn up to so many parties and great to see you’re being musically openminded and enjoying all sorts of different sets that I’m playing. Respect!