Jack 5th Birthday

Time flies when you’re having fun! Five years ago I started promoting a weekly house night JACK here in Helsinki at the legendary Kerma venue. Jack has always covered house in it’s all forms whether it’s deep, prog, tech, tribal, filter, minimal or maxxximal. It’s been fascinating to see the pace things develope within the genre with trends going from electro and progressive through tribal and minimal to today’s tech house.

As a blast from the not-so-distant-past here is link to Jack Booth photos from Kuudes Linja Jack nights. Here are some more sophisticated photos from old school techno hero Mikko “Maniac” Nieminen. And here link to a thank you list to all the DJs who have played at Jack so far.

I recommend arriving early to Kuudes Linja on Friday cause it will surely be a packed night. There will be some drinks and snacks at 22:00 to get you into the party mood. Lil’ Tony will warm the house up and I’ll warm the mixer buttons for the headliner Jody Wisternoff of Way Out West fame. Even if there is a retro twist to Jack’s visual style the club has always been about fresh house music so instead of looking five years back we’ll try to look five years into the future with some of today’s freshest house music from New York, Berlin, Amsterdam, Ibiza and where-not.

Jody has been one of my favorite DJs and producers since the mid 90s. With his super popular podcast and fresh productions he is as current as ever. True legend behind classics like Ajare, Killa, Domination, The Fall, Mindcircus and Cold Drink, Hot Girl he has toured pretty much all the most important venues around the world, collaborated with the likes of BT and remixed Faithless, Paul van Dyk, The Orb, Inner City and Tiesto just to name a few from their very long discography. Feel free to check out more info at his MySpace or the Way Out West blog while at this Mixtube playlist you can listen to his most important productions if you don’t go to discos where they announce tracks and don’t have a clue who this chap is:)