JACK Closing Party at Redrum (review)

Time flies when you’re having fun I guess..? At least it seems like the JACK opening night at Redrum was only a while ago. Yet it’s been 1 1/2 years since I played my first jackin’ beats with that Funktion One system. Since then we’ve had only packed nights with some amazing local and foreign talents bringing their vibe to JACK.

I’ve seen quite a few “closing parties” during my career yet it’s always surprising how the emotions catch you during the last night. It was great to see so many new and old friends came and partied with us. It’s been nice to see JACK both a) have lots of the old school faces from Kerma/Rose/Kutonen still coming to jack their bodies and b) gather a new regular and super up-for-it crowd during this Redrum period.

WE decided to have the first ever JACK classics night with myself, Peled Bros and Orion all playing our favorite house/techno/prog tracks from the past eight (or so) years. Peleds and Juska did a super fine job with getting the party started perhaps sooner than ever before and also balancing nicely between Peled’s deeper housey grooves and Juska’s more pumping approach. Both were equally appreciated judging by the amount of hands in the air. My own faves from those 3 1/2 hours were Cosmos’ Take Me With You’, Joris Voorn’s ‘Sweep The Floor’ and Laurent Garbier’s ‘Man With Red Face’. Anthems with capital A I’d say!

In my own set I wanted to flick through the many different shades of house music that JACK represents: very old school classics, jackin’ filter house, progressive house, nu skool techno, electro house and what not. It’s been always about diversity, underground vibe and fun times without any serious attitudes. It’s hard to pick just one highlight so pls check the tracklist from the tracklist section of my site. I also wanted to make a tiny statement and end with something very new and fresh in form of Tensnake’s ‘Comacat’. Anthem of the summer 2010 anyone?

We have also made new, limited edition JACK-shirts with Oded Peled’s concept idea, Jani Tolin’s print design with handmade Bali quality. They seemed to be a hit with tens of them flying from the DJ booth. I must also say that LJs Tea & Severi were in fine form while our decoration sensei Markus Friskberg’s idea of putting the decorations upside down “because people will anyway feel like that at the end of the night” so great cheeky idea.

So, here we are: homeless and approaching the age of eight. There are some future plans, but more of those… in the future;) BIG thanks to everybody who came last Saturday and on any of the nights at Redrum. YOU made nights special. Thank You.