JACK opening party at Redrum

Tomorrow (on Saturday) is my house night Jack’s opening party at Redrum here in Helsinki. After running the club on Friday’s at Kerma, Rosegarden and Kuudes Linja I’m super excited to see it moving to Saturday and Redrum with it’s great sound system and vibe. Jack is part of Redrum Saturdays’ Helsinki Techno City concept where myself, Lil’ Tony, Mr.A and Eliot Ness keep the kick drum beating every weekend. Average 42240 beats per night whole year long… And by “techno” we don’t mean the word in it’s pure music genre meaning but rather in meaning of “techno culture”. We’ve been doing events and DJing around 20 years now and in the beginning it was all just “techno” to us.

Opening night’s theme is “Fresh!” – coming from new venue, new residency, new year, new music and fresh DJs. It’s surely no “bedroom DJs” night but rather features some of my favorite 21st century house DJs in Helsinki. Most of these guys have been playing for years, running their own nights and supporting Helsinki club scene in many ways. I had one similar night in Kerma five years ago where such up’n’coming DJs as Milla Lehto and OlliS played their Kerma debuts.

To keep things fresh I’ll do the warm-up set and let the more fresh talent do the prime time;) Sound will be “house” in it’s many forms whether it’s prog, tech, filter, uplifting, deep or classics. As long as the booties are shaking it’s all good! Here is the schedule for tomorrow:

  • 22:00-23:00 Orkidea (Unity)
  • 23:00-00:00 Casper (Rosegarden)
  • 00:00-01:00 Lionel Tiger (Blow!)
  • 01:00-02:00 Juju (Aero)
  • 02:00-03:30 N. Geselle & Tony Profondo (Mixxed)

Jack is hosted by myself and co-promoted by Misc Management brothers Oded, Asaf and Juskad Peled with some behind-the-scenes support by Lil’ Tony and Katerina from Redrum. It runs every third Saturday of every second month – isn’t it easy to remember! The next one is on Saturday 21st of March with a veeery special guest: man behind seven Global Underground CDs & one Renaissance compilation, the Massive Attack’s original tour DJ, producer of countless classic tracks and remixes, DJ who has toured practically every remarkable club and festival on the planet and an overall true gentleman: NICK WARREN. Helsinki Prog City support coming from myself and Coma of Clinic/Bassoradio fame. So mark your caledars and see you on the dancefloor tomorrow.

Ja-Ja-Ja-Ja-Jack the house!!!