Jack opening review

I had such a good time at Jack opening in Redrum last weekend. Thanks to everybody who helped making it happen and making it fun! The whole party was a big succes in many ways. The night was third busiest ever during the Redrum history (!) which is pretty amazing considering it was mid January and we had “only” a lineup of finnish DJs. I have to say that the fresh lineup (Casper, Lionel Tiger, Juju, N. Geselle and Tony Profondo) truly delivered! Every DJ had personality in their sets yet they had clearly thought of the time and venue they were playing and nicely adjusted their music slightly. Thanks and respect!

Overall I enjoyed Redrum a lot as the door & bar staff were super nice, lights worked very well, the sound system felt great and things seemed to work pretty nicely even if it was packed. It felt like home which you can’t say about many finnish non-EDM-clubs… The crowd seemed also perfect with soooo many friends around and the mixture of people seemed nice and varied. I don’t know was it the move to Saturday slot, change of venue or the traditional finnish “non-alcoholic-January” but the whole vibe was less hectic and intoxicated than on many Jack night before at Kuudes Linja and Rose Garden. Some great photos by Kinli online HERE.

Next event on Saturday 21st of March will be “Super-Jack!” when we have an honour to welcome a true legend, the original Massive Attack tour DJ, mixer of seven Global Underground CDs, compiler of a Renaissance CD, producer of countless classic tracks and remixes, man who has toured practically every remarkable club and festival on the planet, one half of Way Out West, a proper superstar DJ and overall true gentleman: NICK WARREN. Nick’s sets are always rocking and his Helsinki performances legendary so I highly recommend checking this out.

I hope this doens’t sound like overblown self-promotion-hype:) The kick off was just great and I think this will be a good year for JACK…