Jack weekend review

As if six hour set in Turku and Danceteria Cruise weren’t enough for one weekend we had not one but two JACK nights last weekend. On Saturday we hosted the official afterparty for the Danceteria Cruise. It was nice to see the night being a huge success despite lots of other events taking place and Redrum not being the most summery venue of them all hehe;) We had over 600 people in which is one of their best nights all year. It was also nice to see the place filling up really early and being full all the way until the end.

Sam Lainio did a great job warming the place with warm deep house sounds. Myself, Mr.A and Heikki L came straight from the cruise and played a two hour b2b2b set of more underground house and techno. My personal highlights were Pitto’s filter house summer anthem Feelin’, Joris Voorn’s Sweep The Floor and the Eye of Style remix of Robin S’s Show Me Love. Headliner of the night was Gavyn Mytchel who is the resident of Gallery’s Friday nights at Ministry of Sound in London. He played two hours of proper progressive house with a techy vibe in it. Think of Hernan Cattaneo meets Digweed meets Warren and you’ll get the picture. Gavyn loved the venue, crowd and vibe and super excited about it all even if we (according to him) tried to poison him with Salmari, Fisu and some uber-hot chili pizza after the gig.

Btw, I feel sorry for the maroccon guy who had came all the way from Marocco to listen to DJ Orkidea’s trance set as the music policy at my JACK nights is focused around house/prog house/techno. Maybe I need to start noting what type of sets I play and where because as some of you know I have a wide variation in my sets. I’ve been playing the progressive house since 1992, was running one of the first clubs in Finland playing lot of prog house (the illegal Q-Club in Kruunuhaka in 1993) and used to organize the Renaissance events with Unity Poss√© for years in Helsinki. So even if the trance side is more known abroad I do play all kind of sets from ambient to banging old school rave. I think there’s too much great music in the world to restrict my liking to just some genres.

On Sunday we had JACK party at small undergroundish venue Kuudes Linja in Helsinki. Speaking of wide selection in my sets – there I played balearic/italo set on the terrace with my friend Sami from Unity Collective. Terrace was closed by DJ Coma with a really nice spacey ambient set while Oded Peled and Unik did both a really good job in supporting and finishing before and after Gavyn who played a more Sunday-flavored set of melodic tech house, atmospheric prog and more techy stuff.

We had some 200 people in during the evening which was their record this summer so we can be really happy especially as people who attended the Danceteria Cruise and Saturday’s JACK were missing in action propbably due heavy hangover. Or not having a hat in Saturday’s sunshine. That can cause headache too.

Next party lined up with JACK will be a six hour set from me at Redrum on September 19th. And after that we’ll have a megablasting birthday extravaganza on November 21st with one of my all time fave DJs headlining… Ja-ja-ja-jack you body!