January Radio Unity tonight

I love many kinds of electronic music: balearic nu-disco, melodic progressive house, driving and deep trance, uplifting big room sounds and even banging psytrance. So for the January Radio Unity I wanted to bring all of these together for a proper journey kind of a DJ mix. And yes I know it’s the mother of all cliches but that just feels like the right description for this mix:) Tempo starts from 110 beats per minute and gradually build and build and end with pretty fast 138 beats per minute. Also mixing wise I took full advantage of Ableton Live’s mixing capabilities with lots of key changing, effecting and looooong mixes to make the flow nice and smooth. Track selection features selected goodies from last year back-to-back with most recent gems from artists like Sasha, Protoculture, Kolombo and Magnus. Hope you’ll enjoy the mix and feel free to join the live discussion in Afterhours.fm forum.