Joensuu & Lahti this weekend

This weekend I’m heading to proper Finland round trip after a while. Tonight we’re hitting the road with Jaakko “JS16” Salovaara and Joonas Hahmo and DJing at Misc Management’s Dance.Here.Now.-event in Joensuu at Night. I played there on the Metaverse Tour and at least judging by that experience and venue the expectations are high. And crowd in that part of Finland is always up for it and positive. I’m playing a two hour set of progressive and trance from 00:30 till 02:30 with Joonas doing the warm up and JS finishing the night. Local hero DJ Exxa is also joining us in the line up.

On Saturday I’m playing a four hour set in Lahti at DJ Bates’ IMPULSE – Warriors of Dance event. Impulse events are somewhat legendary in Lahti (the Chicago of Finland!) at Lahti Nightlife venue and with top finnish drum’n’bass and hard dance DJs Muffler and Proteus joining the line-up I have a vibe that this will be a good one! I also like a lot that (especially) in Lahti these cross genre line-ups seem to work really well and people are up for all sorts of music during one night. Personally I’ll probably start with deeper prog house, moving through more pumping prog house and prog trance to more full on sound. Proteus is playing after me as I’ll try to pump it up near the end to make the transition somewhat smoother. Though he will probably start with BPM around 160-170 so my sound is anyway like chill out compared to that hehe;) Proteus also mentioned he is bringing his guitar with him to the gig so looking forward to hearing and seeing that too!

I have also couple new productions pretty much finished and I might try them out during the weekend…