Many of you may have bumped into Club Unity, Misc Management & The Circus venue’s new LOVE event series but here are some of my personal vibes about it. It’s quite a long post even if the story of LOVE is only about to begin…

We (Club Unity) decided last year that we would have the last Unity The Island in Uunisaari. Even though the island and everything was pretty much perfect we wanted some new creative things to work on. For us creating something new, being excited about planning and all that is almost as important as the event itself. Friends working on something – together. And we also wanted to end on a positive note when the parties are best which has been a tradition with Unity at pretty much every venue we’ve been – and there’s been quite a few!

As we wanted to try something new it was nice coincidence that Niko Hallamäki (of Helsinki Club, Stockholm Diskotek and Den Kunliga Klubben venues fame) contacted me to ask to do some events at a forthcoming venue in central Helsinki. I was blown away when walking to a massive empty warehousey hall right in middle of Helsinki. That felt like something truly international, reminding me of Amnesia in Ibiza, Heaven in London or E-Werk in Berlin. Owners Niko and Mehdi suggested doing couple special events per year with major foreign names and we thougth this could be something special… Right from the beginning I wanted Misc Management guys Oded, Asaf and Juska to be on board too so I think there is great bunch of people and talent on board and some pretty amaaazing events coming up!

But what about the concept itself? LOVE is probably the biggest word there is after all. The idea came from simple fact that “love” is also the biggest source of inspiration there is. We do art, music, books, paintings, events inspired by love or sometimes due love lost.. We go clubbing, do parties, do music, see friends cause we LOVE it. We’ve also had a longtime idea at Unity to ask finnish artists to deliver us their pieces of art to be used in flyer or ask finnish writers to deliver something for our events around a theme like “love”. So these ideas come alive in LOVE events. We hope them to blur the lines between “entertainment” and “art”, leaning more towards the latter than most of the club nights. These events also carry on our legacy of hedonistic summer events like Sun @ DTM and Jose Padilla at Kaivohuone. There is something special in summer Sunday clubbing that I simply love.

First event will have one of the most legendary and significant DJs ever: british DJ Pete Tong. His biography is too long to copy paste here, but putting together UK’s first ever house compilation, signing Orbital and Goldie to his label, being officially the most downloaded DJ on the planet, hosting world’s most listened dance radio show, giving name to blockbuster movie and being one of the main figures of the (credible) Ibiza club scene for almost 20 years are just slices of his amazing career. He is also one of the rare EDM legends who haven’t yet visited Finland and we’re honored to have him here. I think the timing will also be perfect for all us trainspotters and music lovers as in early July Tong surely has all the big (yet unreleased) tracks of the summer and has been road testing them for a month at Ibiza.

The event itself is also the official Konemetsä afterparty, runs for full 16 hours on Sunday 5th of at Mbar and The Circus with a massive line-up of finnish DJs and artists. Full details at Facebook-event and topic of the event. Below are “Love Stories” telling more about details of the event. There will be close to ten stories all-in-all so please come checking here for the weekly stories. And I hope to see YOU smiling on the sweaty Circus dancefloor surrounded with 1000 smiling Helsinki people! :)