Lowland orchestral versions of trance classics

In September 2006 Petri “Lowland” Alanko made orchestral versions of twelve trance classics to be performed at Club Unity 10th Anniversary. The set included the likes of Binary Finary’s 1998, Solarstone’s Seven Cities, Aalto’s Rush, Slusnik Luna’s Sun and Way Out West’s Mindcircus. Pure beauty. Feedback from the tracks and performance was great and they ended up to Paul van Dyk some months later. He wanted to sign them to Vandit and was very enthusiastic but at the end too busy with other projects to fully push it on. So I gave the versions to Armin van Buuren who got very excited and immediately wanted to sign them to Armada, which happened soon after.

I am now happy to tell that the official release is getting near. Almost all tracks’ publishing rights are now cleared (with only one still on works) and Armada hopes to get them out before end of the year. Lowland has also fine tuned the old versions and even made three more tracks to the album including versions of Armin’s Communication and Pulsar’s My Religion. I may sound like over hypeing this project, but I have a very strong vibe about this one. It may be because of my personal relationship with these tracks or the public performances at our events, but I honestly think there’s something special here… Like having the final master of ‘Unity’ in my hands… Hearing Slusnik Luna’s ‘Sun’ for the first time… That kind of special feeling! Time will tell, but I hope this release gets out soon and you will have a chance to hear it and will enjoy it.

Have YOU heard these tracks? Please let me know what you think!