Metaverse tour community

The Metaverse tour will have lots of community features on the web. Get together with the whole crowd of like-minded people and share your best photos, videos and experiences from the tour. Here is small package of information how to share your digi content with everyone else.

IRC-Gallery has a nice community build around Metaverse. You can listen through the whole Metaverse album (starting Wednesday 27.02), check the Metaverse trailer and discuss with other clubbing minded people. The community also has a competition in which you can win two VIP tickets and hotel accommodation to the Laserpoint event at Kaapelitehdas. IRC-gallery also streams my album release gig live from Kaivohuone. Big thanks to techno loving bosses at IRC-Gallery!

You can check the latest information about your local event, timetables and such at Facebook. Just browse through all the Metaverse Facebook events and join the event closest to you.

If you’re shooting videos at the event, you can easily share them at the tour website. At YouTube, join my group and add your videos there. Remember to mention in which event your video was filmed. The videos will be added to the Tour Video Player on the tour website.

Those interested in photography can add their best photos to Flickr. The service is totally free to use. Just give your Metaverse photos a tag “metaverse_tour” and “orkideaxxxxxxx” in which “xxxxxxx” means the date when the photos were taken – for example “orkidea19042008”. Correctly tagged photos will automatically be added to the Tour Gallery. For a nice example check out Mikko “Maniac” Nieminen’s pictures from DTM last year.

If you aren’t familiar with some of the features, feel free to ask more by mailing our tour multimedia supervisor DJ Orion to