Metaverse trailer

I’ve uploaded to YouTube a two minute “trailer” from my upcoming album ‘Metaverse’. The graphics are by Finland’s finest 3D artist Jani Isoranta and music track has 20 sec clip from all 10 tracks on the CD. Each CD also has a unique code for downloading extra tracks like Alt+F4 remix of ‘Beautiful’, DSS vs Orkidea ‘Revolution’, Orkidea vs Marc Mitchell’s ‘Eternal Love’ and ‘Embrace (Orkidea vs Super8 remix)’. With that code you can also download a two hour DJ mix version of whole album and extended DJ versions of some tracks which on the CD are edits. I think in today’s world of P2P networks and cheap DVD movies we artists need to provide more for the price of CD. Hope you’ll find it all worth for your hard earned money! You can now pre-order the CD at Street Beat.