Miscbehaving and Tampere weekend

What a weekend! Here’s a wrap up review of the Miscbehaving and ONE events. I was positively surprised with how packed both nights were as this weekend was definitely not the best one because Xmas is already around the corner. Still the 1000 capacity Virgin Oil was pretty much full on Friday and ONE made their record night in Tampere on Saturday. It was also great to see so many old school clubbers, promoters, club owners and DJs at Virgin and loooot of the Tampere scene posse and people from all over the Southern Finland on Saturday. Rrrrrespect!

LJs Severi & Tea and VJs Beige/Harmaa had created a very nice visual set up in Virgin Oil and the experience was nothing short of a spectacular stadium house one. Links below to some picture galleries. Markus from Unity had done the decoration with some nice details but his wackiest (and best idea) was to bring close to 100 different masks to the venue so we had wrestling guys, clowns, Eyes Wide Shut types and egyptian faraos all over ther place which was hilarious.

Redanka’s set was personally one of my favorites of the whole year. Groovy, melodic, modern progressive house with lot of unknown fresh tunes from the likes of Tarantella with couple Redanka classics like ‘Waves’ thrown in. I definitely want to bring him again over here soon. Redanka had just before leaving to Finland got a phone call from U2 and could be remixing their next single. Woohoo! Unity Collective, Mr.A, Orion and Oded Peled also all added their magic to the night so big big thanks to all of them! Here are links to couple galleries from Extremely Miscbehaving. Amazing pictures from Oka and Fredi once again.

Kinli gallery

Oka gallery

AlexS gallery

Saturday night in Tampere was equally good and I’d say ONE is the most promising new club/concept in Tampere for a long time. I liked the Tanssitalo venue a lot with it’s old’n’stylish vibe and the whole promotion and production was spot on. The only problem in Tampere were the sound levels and we had to keep the music volume a bit low and less bassy than what we might have wanted. Anyway I think it was allright and better this way than playing too loud which happens way too often in clubs. I played the mid set after DJ Orion who did a fine job with groove based proggy stuff. I played on both nights mainly progressive house and prog trance. Personal and crowd favorites seemed to be the Filterheadz remix of Sia’s ‘Buttons’, Wippenberg’s ‘Chakala’ and Gaz Emery’s ‘Metaverse remix’ just to name a few. I also got to road test my forthcoming Way Out West and Union Jack remixes. You can find the full tracklists in the Playlist section of my site.

Rich Solarstone is one of my alltime favorite producers and such a lovely guy too. Perfect combination of a passionate artist and a true music business pro. His both sets got the crowd crazy with many of his own classic productions fused with current biggies from the likes of Heatbeat and Blizzard. He also played us a sneak peak into his upcoming ‘Electronic Architecture’ mix CD. It features only exclusive and unsigned material (except one track) and the disc one that we heard was one of the best, most inspiring and interesting DJ mixes for a long time. I also managed to plug the superb Beatseekers remix of Orion’s ‘One Sunday’ track to be featured on the mix:) So all in all a superb weekend behind. Next lined up is the NYE xtravaganza at DTM with Danceteria and Opera with [:reiv]. Have a relaxing and peaceful holiday week with your loved ones and see you on the dancefloor!