New studio

I’ve been busy during the last couple weeks building and moving into a new studio. I changed my dayjob from being a sound designer at finnish virtual world/social networking company Sulake (of Habbo Hotel, VMK and IRC-Galleria fame) to working on Nokia’s audio brand on a global level. I enjoyed the 3,5 years at Sulake so much and must say it is a very special place with a bright future ahead but the opportunity at Nokia felt like once-in-alifetime kinda thing.As I used to have my studio at Sulake premises I had look for a replacement. After the succesful partnership (production only hehe;) with Petri “Lowland” Alanko around my Metaverse album we thought we could share a studio too. We found a great place in central Helsinki, renovated it for couple weeks and now my studio has moved in and Petri’s will follow shortly. The studio won’t be ready for production for some more weeks so no news on a production front for a while. I’m super happy how the acoustics and the look of the place worked out. Big thanks to interior designer Mari Relander for helping us out! Musicians aren’t that good esthetics designers I guess;)With quite a few things lined-up for the end of the year I’m eager to see how the studio will sound like in real life. Exciting times ahead!