Metaverse review at

I bumped into a super nice review of Metaverse album at a major trance music/EDM community It was very heartwarming to read someone having similar feelings and views on trance music. Below is the end conclusion of the long review. You can read the full article here.

“Conclusion: In Metaverse Orkidea, with the help of some of the most talented producers in trance, has set a benchmark, a year zero if you will, for the genre. Any producers starting out in trance, whether it is producing, DJing, running a label or just listening to the stuff should buy this album and learn from it. This is original, melodic, euphoric glazier-beautiful music radiating class and warmth from the very first second to the last. In fact, you could, and should, play this to anyone who asks you what trance is and not worry about looking stupid. No overblown breakdowns, no clichéd vocals, no sense of numbing inevitability that you get listening to most new trance tunes, just ten tracks of pure, quality futuristic trance bliss. Perfection. 5/5”