Nightwish: Bye Bye Beautiful (Orkidea rmx)

I’ve been working since August on a remix for finnish heavy metal band Nightwish’s Bye Bye Beautiful single. The remix came out as an epic 12 minute trance track consisting of over 100 audio tracks. Petri “Lowland” Alanko also helped me with it by providing some gorgeous strings parts, wicked analog lines and helped with the final mixdown. We are both very happy with the result and the band likes it a lot too. Respect to Mr. Holopainen for suggesting this and being openminded for new things!

Seems like there won’t be any official or commercial single for the finnish market, but my remix will be at least on the german official Bye Bye Beautiful single. The whole album is really good too and in my opinion their strongest yet and with all it’s “complexity meets good pop hooks” should do well for the band. I hope to include this remix also on my own album which will be out February 2008.