NYE flashback

2009 here we go! NYE was a blast and great start for a new year. Danceteria at DTM was very much happening once again. Thankfully no 100 meter ques and it wasn’t too rammed and packed. Still over 1200 people in during the night and DTM’s all time record sales at bar which must be hell of a lot! You could notice that as some people were pretty wasted and bumping into friends was sometimes very literal;)

Anyways it was a kickass party (as Danceteria always is) and a great ending for their amazing year. Best club night in Finland at the moment in my opinion. Joonas Hahmo warmed the place with a proper feel good house set climaxing with his own massive ’08 hit Cocktail Bar. Mr.A and Heikki L were also in good form and played a great end of the night set where I spotted couple really hot big tracks. I enjoyed their more technoish sound and at the times I felt more like being at Tresor in Berlin rather than night club in central Helsinki. Some highlights of my own set were Paul Rich’s über groovy Split and James Doman’s original Red Carpet bootleg Alright while J. Scott G’s bootleg remix of Utah Saints’ Something Good seems to work on any floor. I have to say that the new sound system is loud and clear but makes music sound really big – adding kinda ravey oomph to most of tracks. Or maybe it’s the shaking building creating that vibe..?

The [:reiv] afterhours were equally packed with a nice, cool & well behaving crowd and a full dancefloor already at 05:30. The only negative thing was the bad (=reverberating) acoustics of the main room. Lasse from Precision Audio did all he could with bringing a better PA but with such room there’s only so much you can do. Unfortunately I also heard that there was a massive que and it took 1-1,5 hours for some people to get in. I can’t understand how their door staff can’t handle that properly… I played a four hour set of classics with focus on more progressive sound which seemed to fit the intimate and clubby environment. Some highlights were the Punk Squad remix of Moguai’s U Know Y, Max Graham dub of Mack Vibe’s Can’t Let You Go and Breeder’s The Chain. It was a nice trip down the memory lane to choose and play all those classics and I enjoyed my first afterhours gig since a year ago a lot! Full tracklists of both sets are in the tracklist section of my site. After my set I was enjoying for couple hours Sami (from Unity Collective) playing 80s italo sound in the second room which was a perfect soundtrack for New Year’s Day morning.

Playing 5,5 hours was also a nice warm up for my forthcoming 23 hour set taking place on 01.01.2010 in Helsinki. More info in the coming months… Thanks to everybody who I played, talked, partied, worked, laughed and had a really good time with on NYE!