One love – One minute

Thanks a lot for everybody here in Helsinki area who attended our three ‘One Minute Rave’ events during the last month! The consept it simple: we set up a “secret” meeting point in central Helsinki at 18:00, people gather there couple of minutes before the action starts acting “normal”. A mobile soundsystem appears, music starts and people rave like full on for 60 seconds and when music stops disappear immediately from site.

All three were a lot of fun and we’re definitely looking forward to doing more of these next year. We’ve also heard that there will be a similar event in Stockholm on 24th of August with our fellow swedes giving us props for the idea. Maximum amount of global respect for spreading the message of R.A.V.E. over there too! You can check out some videos at our YouTube site and I’ll post tracklists and links to the one minute DJ sets later on. Prodigy, Members of Mayday, 2 Unlimited, Moby and Human Resource were some of the rave classics played with average of three songs per set. Rave on!