OrkideAwards 2010

Here is a cheeky little round up of year 2010 through my eyes and ears. I like lists, charts and everything in between so I decided put together “OrkideAwards 2010”. Don’t take me wrong – I don’t think that life is about being best, first or second. This is more of paying respect to where it’s due and hopefully also introducing some new things to you through the links included below.

Top 10 club tracks


“Coma Cat was THE anthem of the spring, summer and even autumn. It was such a fresh mix of old and new which seemed to link house and nu disco and DJs from across the board were plying it through out the year. Amazing!”

  1. Tensnake: Coma Cat
  2. Sander Kleinenberg: M.A.N.I.A.C.
  3. Pryda: Niton
  4. Ali Wilson: Pandora
  5. Slusnik Luna: Sun 2010
  6. Faithless: Not Going Home (Eric Prydz Remix)
  7. Michael Woods: Dynamik
  8. Rank 1 & Jochen Miller: The Great Escape
  9. La Roux: In For The Kill (Hook N Sling re-edit)
  10. Peter Dundov: Distant Shores

Top 10 albums / compilations


“First album is an important milestone on any recording artist’s career and with Gareth it seems that the album rocketed him into even higher as an artist, producer, DJ and an entertainer. It’s quite rare to find a trance album where you could play out almost any of the tracks.”

  1. Gareth Emery: Northern Lights
  2. Aeroplane: We Can’t Fly
  3. Protoculture: Love Technology
  4. Kitsuné Maison Compilation 9: The Cotton Issue
  5. Jose Padilla: Ibiza Sunset Classic
  6. Daft Punk: Tron Legacy soundtrack
  7. BT: Those Hopeful Machines
  8. Chemical Brothers: Further
  9. Uusi Fantasia: Heimo
  10. Super8 & Tab: Empire

Top 10 producers of the year


“With the great album, some amazing remixes and that Above & Beyond mash up all under his belt this wasn’t a hard decision. Even though all of the ten had a fantastic year.”

  1. Gareth Emery
  2. Eric Prydz
  3. Aeroplane
  4. Protoculture
  5. Joris Voorn
  6. Michael Woods
  7. Lowland
  8. Daniel Portman
  9. Heikki L
  10. Umek

Top 5 podcasts / radio shows


“Aeroplane had overall super impressive year and his mixes in SoundCloud are perfect for homelistening. Highly recommended!”

  1. Aeroplane @ SoundCloud
  2. Gareth Emery @ podcast
  3. Chris Coco @ Ibiza Sonica /Mixcloud
  4. Pete Tong @ BBC Radio 1 Essential Selection
  5. Orion @ YleX

Top 5 sets of the year


“I don’t want to hype our own events, but Eric Prydz’ set in Helsinki in June was the most perfect big room set I heard all year. And the fact that 90% of the set was his own music (with lots of exclusive stuff) makes it just more unbelievable. And the Helsinki crowd made it all even better…”

  1. Eric Prydz @ LOVE (Helsinki)
  2. Aeroplane @ Flow Festival (Helsinki)
  3. Gareth Emery @ Northern Lights album release (UK)
  4. Tensnake @ YK (Helsinki)
  5. Oscar Cano @ Space Closing (Ibiza)

Best house DJ


“Helsinki homegrown house maestro who is up there (and above) with any of the “big” house super stars. Whether it’s warm up or primetime – he always delivers. I wouldn’t be surprised if Tony is up there with the Lucianos and Loco Dices sooner or later.”

Lil’ Tony

Best trance DJ

“Well… this wasn’t any surprise or was it? Live sets are full of energy and are chunky enough to keep the chees-o-meter from going to red.”

Gareth Emery

Best progressive/tech house DJ


“Versatile as hell and with Mr.A on the decks it’s almost guaranteed that I want to trainspot something from the set. Mainroom, terrace, afterhours, warm up, wedding… Antti always makes the booty shake!”


Best techno DJ


“I know that he is not the most underground of all the techno DJs, but he had such a phenomenal year in 2010. Hitting the Beatport Top monthly with house/tech/prog/trance/psy DJs all supporting his music is quite an achievement.”


Top 3 breakthrough DJs (Finland)


“Up and coming DJs ask me every now and then that “how do you make it and break it”. Something Good are perfect example of how you do it: passion, dedication, DJing, promoting, remixing… and all with a positive vibe.”

  1. Something Good
  2. Vision DJs
  3. Flink

Event of the year


“You can’t fail with world best DJs in world’s best club and a crowd filled with dedicated party people from around the world. And with a newly married wife it’s all even better! Perfecto!”

  1. Space Closing Party (Ibiza)
  2. Flow Festival (Helsinki)
  3. Pacifique 2010 (Espoo)

+My own wedding & bachelors parties;)

Top 5 venues of the year


“The original warehouse vibe taken into 21st century. Super strict door policy is a nice bonus.”

  1. Berghain (Berlin)
  2. Space (Ibiza)
  3. YK (Helsinki)
  4. Ministry of Sound (London)
  5. The Circus (Helsinki)

Top 5 clubs of the year (Finland)


“Mixxed has grown year after year into more established and integral part of summer clubbing in Helsinki. Dancing outdoors with early light of sunrise peaking in is a rare treat in Finland. Can’t wait for the 2011 opening…”

  1. Mixxed
  2. Danceteria
  3. Clinic
  4. Colors
  5. Choon!

Top 5 gadgets/pieces of gear/software


“I am playing 50% of my gigs with Traktor and 50% with CDJ2000 and USB sticks and while CDJ2000s are super reliable and convenient, Traktor (with X1 controller) excites me with it’s creative possibilities.”

  1. Native Instruments Traktor Scratch Pro + X1
  2. Logic Pro 9
  3. Nano Studio on iOS
  4. Korg Monotron
  5. Pioneer CDJ 2000

Top 5 gigs of the year


“This was something I will never forget. Physically pretty demanding, but mentally so rewarding. Massive thanks to everybody who were there – either working or partying.”

  1. Orkidea 23h set (Helsinki)
  2. AVA Rec @ Ministry of Sound (London)
  3. Danceteria Love Boat (Helsinki)
  4. Gareth Emery Northern Lights album release (UK)
  5. Allstars megamix @ Laserpoint//Labyrinth (Helsinki)

Top 5 inside thingies

  1. “Kokin terveiset keittiöstä”
  2. “Rakkaus, rakkaus, kaiken voittaa rakkaus!”
  3. “Hassusukkadisko”
  4. “Kenkätrance”
  5. “Huora-Roni”

So… that was my last year. Of course there were tons of tracks, events, parties, people and memories which were not mentioned here but made 2010 all even better. BIG thanks to everybody for making it all to what it was!