1. Ramirez: Hablando (Acordeon Mix)
  2. Exit-EEE: Epidemic
  3. Vernon: Wonderer
  4. Pete Namlook: Eternal Spirit (Northern Mix)
  5. Velocity: Lust (Rabbit in the Moon Remix)
  6. Microglobe: Environ-Mentality( Act 1)
  7. Marmion: Schöneberg (Marmion Remix)
  8. BBE: Flash
  9. The Nomads: The Holy Land Spirit (Original Mix)
  10. Jonesey: Independance (The Stadium Mix)
  11. X-Cabs: Neuro
  12. Salamander: Tempest (Union Jack Remix)
  13. Man With No Name: Sugar Rush (Refined Mix)
  14. Quench: Dreams
  15. Three Drives: Greece 2000 (Man With No Name Remix)
  16. Members of Mayday: Forward Forever, Backwards Never (Intro)
  17. Moby: Next Is the e (I Feel It)