Pacifique Luau today


It’s seven years now since I met with Joonas and Haba from Labyrinth possé to discuss some new and wild event ideas to do together. We wanted to do something that needed our (Unity & Labyrinth) combined efforts, something that hasn’t been done before. We came up with three ideas: 1) party in a waterpark (Pacifique), 2) party is cruise ship (Oceanic) and 3) XXX something that is still waiting to be done… Unity is not involved as such in production of the event but it’s nice to see how the Pacifique has a super professional team (Lauri, Joonas, Markus, Jenni, Jarkko…) working on all aspects of the event and making the production truly world class.

It’s been amazing to see how Pacifique has grown not only in terms of production but also in popularity and become a bit of institution in annual finnish clubbing calendar. Everybody was positively surprised how quickly (two months prior the event) the tickets were sold out this year. Recently we’ve also introduced foreign headliners who are some true legends of house music. Last year the spiritual father of european house sound Alfredo took us through 20 years of balearic classics while this year the “Godfather of British House Music” Danny Rampling will show why he is called “Legend of House”. Supported by the creme de la creme of finnish electronic music DJs. Old school (Jay Mellin, Käpä, Proteus…) next to the best of nu skool (Anselmi Kuusisto, Anton Sonin, Lauri Soini…)

I am playing the last set on the main arena with the traditional “Pacifique Allstars” collective formed by myself, Mr.A and Heikki L. It will be housey, summery, feel good, pumping sounds to finish off what will surely be another night to remember. Sessions guys and girls will be documenting the event with photos uploaded quite soon to the Pacifique website. Let’s make the summer sun shine in middle of a cold winter!