Pacifique – Maupiti, Serena Waterpark, Espoo

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P A C I F I Q U E : M A U P I T I

04 & 05 March 2011

Serena Waterpark, Espoo, Finland

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CHRIS COCO (Ibiza Sonica / Warp Rec / BBC Radio 1)

  • – One of the key balearic legends of the last two decades
  • – Robbie Williams’ official world tour DJ

Thanks to his critically acclaimed radio show on Ibiza Sonica and the world famous ‘Real Ibiza’ compilations, Chris Coco is one of the key balearic figures of the last two decades. He is one of world’s leading musical taste makers and has been performing at all the major clubs in Ibiza including Pacha, Amnesia, Space and Mambo.. He is also Robbie Williams’ official world tour DJ, former chief editor of the DJ Mag and used to host his own show on BBC Radio 1.

Chris has mixed the official Playboy Mansion CD, released music on world’s perhaps most respected electronica label Warp Records, been included on multimillion selling Hotel Costes compilations and his music has been featured everywhere from Toyota TV ads to the Sex & The City movie. After Alfredo and Danny Rampling he is the perfect continuum for the Pacifique’s string of balearic legend headliners. Expect sunny balearic spirit in a pure musical form.

  • Orkidea (Unity)
  • Mr.A (Danceteria)
  • Heikki L (Danceteria)
  • Alex Kunnari (Colors)
  • Orion (YleX)
  • Proteus & Neon (Säde)
  • Lovetone (Laserpoint)
  • Something Good (Nocturnal Groove)
  • Paul Easy (After Hours)
  • Zwek (Sunrise)
  • N.Geselle & Tony Profondo (Mixxed)
  • 3rrd (Basso)
  • Visions DJs (Playground)
  • Casper vs Boy Jorge (Fade / React)
  • Unity Collective (Unity)
  • Katerina (Siltanen)
  • Poika (Stupido)
  • Dallas (Siltanen)
  • Lauri Soini (Nolla)
  • Magic Sam (Funky Amigos)
  • Funky Francis (Lion Head Sound)
  • Rumpunch (Lion Head Sound)

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