Progressive house revival

I’ve noticed lately that progressive house seems to raise it’s head big time. It’s kinda obvious as we’ve seen the electro and piano house revivals and prog is lined up next chronologically in the past. For a while it seemed that all the progressive house DJs had moved into minimal & electro house and even prog house charts at places like Beatport were dominated mainly by electro house tracks but now there seems to be some fresh sounds coming in. My own sets have been a lot in the proggier side this summer thanks to all this great material.

Producers like Redanka, Dousk, Chus & Cheballos, Jerome Isma-ae, Simon & Shaker, Damian Strong and John Graham are providing us an updated version of the more traditional progressive house sound made famous by labels like Limbo and Guerilla. There are again trancey, positive melodies, big chords, rolling basslines and big vocals in a true Renaissance fashion but with today’s production quality. Even Sasha & Digweed’s set from Miami this year sounded more like their sets in the late 90s than last year’s (still excellent) very housey mix. Interesting to see how things will go, but great to see there some progress happening at progressive house!