Radio Unity 011 tonight

Tonight’s (Wednesday 18th of November 21:00-22:00 CET) Radio Unity has two themes: remixes and uplift.

For some reason this episode is packed with remixes of both old and new tracks. Sure I like brand new tracks more than remixes of old stuff but I also see nothing wrong in making something old playable and available for today’s clubbing generation. On the remix front the are classics for example from Marco V, Tilt and Thrillseekers and also featured is a 2009 remix of my debut single ‘Unity’. I’m actually working on not one but three remixes to celebrate 10th anniversary of the original release. Release details are yet to be confirmed but it will most likely be one high profile european trance label…

The other clear theme is uplift. I’m nowadays more into the progressive trance but sure I enjoy proper uplifting trance in it’s typical form if the production is top notch and riffs catchy to my ear. These tracks have been rocking my peaktime trance sets during the past months with stuff from the likes of Heatbeat, Cosmic Gate, Wippenberg, Armin and Gareth Emery included.

The show will also be broadcasted on NRJ Finland this Saturday and the odcast will be available this Sunday. Hope you’ll enjoy the show and catch you live on forum chat.