Radio Unity 019 today

Summer time – is a big tune time! The music of July episode of Radio Unity is delivered by quite a few of my all time musical heroes: Sasha, BT, Kleinenberg, Prydz and Vibrasphere to name a few. Even if July is also time for the big summer festivals don’t be afraid – this won’t be filled with the arena mega anthems but with (in my humble opinion) the best progressive house and prog trance around at the moment. Quite a few vocal tracks of this episode keep the smell of cheddar lurking around the corner though but lets not be THAT serious and lets just enjoy the great vocal and lyrical deliveries of these brightly creative people. I’m enjoying an offline holiday (highly recommended to everyone!) at the moment so unfortunately I won’t be joining the discussion at the board this time:( The NRJ at the Club radio show is also on a pause until October so there won’t be Radio Unity mix this Saturday.