Radio Unity available on demand

After couple years of Finnish National Radio’s non audio presence at web they’ve come into agreement with the finnish copyright association Teosto. This means two nice things:

1. There will be live-stream of all radio shows. My bi-weekly show in Tiistain Tanssi-Ilta (also known as Radio Unity among friends) can be listened at []( by clicking the “Kuuntele” link in the right upper corner. Doesn’t seem to work with Safari browser on Mac but hopefully they’ll work it out.
2. The show will also be available on demand for one week after the show. You can listen it at Tiistain Tanssi-Ilta’s page of the Areena on demand web service at []( To get this work on Mac you need Flip4mac plug-in which can be downloaded at [](

The finnish copyright association seems (finally) to be on the right track with their policy.