Radio Unity – Grande Finale

There’s more than ten years from my first DJ mix to YleX (back then called Radiomafia) and I’ve been doing Tiistain Tanssi-Ilta (aka Radio Unity) regularly now for over nine years. It saddens me to tell that I’ve decided to quit doing the program in the beginning of next year. The reason behind this decision is simply the lack of time. My last show will be on Christmas Day 25th of December 21:00-22:30. It will be a retrospective with my favourite tracks, most influental producers and music from these ten years all featured. I want to sincerely thank fellow radio persons Leena Lehtinen, Kalle Miettinen, Erkko and OlliS for these years, all producers providing me new music and everybody who has been in contact regarding the show.

Tiistain Tanssi-Ilta will be in good hands with Juska Rantanen aka DJ Orion stepping up and hosting my slot. With a quality taste covering wide spectrum of electronic music, DJ career of well over 10 years and “in-the-know” on what’s happening in the music and club scene generally I think Orion was a great choice from Leena for this. I wish Orion and whole YleX team all the best with keeping the techno flag high at YLE. Forward forever, backwards never!