Radio Unity is back

After a year of radio silence my monthly radio show is back in da buziness! Even if it’s a business with no money involved;) I did a monthly show for Finnish National Radio for almost ten years but when stopped doing it in late 2007 I was looking for a more international and web focused alternative as I see the future of radio (for alternative music at least) heavily in the web.

Couple months ago discussions with resulted in getting a monthly one hour slot on this trance radio. has simultanous listener figures of around 1000 people – making it one of the most popular EDM channels out there (alongside, & with the likes of Markus Schulz, Blank & Jones, Kyau & Albert, Marcus Schossow and Lange holding residencies.

My show will air every third Wednesday of the month at 21:00-22:00 CET (+1 GMT) meaning 22:00-23:00 Finnish time. The show will focus mainly in melodic progressive house and progressive trance with occasional psy-trance, breakz, techno or chill-out cuts featured as well. AH.FM is a true diehard trance channel, but personally I put music in two genres: Good and Bad and try to play the Good stuff in my sets;) Also nowadays I tend to find lots of music with a strong trance-like feel and vibe (melodic, hypnotic, driving, atmospheric) which is labeled something totally different.

The show will be “music only” for the time being but let’s see if it will become a “properly presented program” in some point.. Episodes will also be available the next week after the airing as podcast from my website. Podcast info and tracklist coming up always to:

First show will air tonight – Wednesday 21st of January- and features some fresh and unreleased material from Quivver, Way Out West, Union Jack, Beetseekers, Tarrantella and Redanka and two of my favorite tracks from 2009. As with the “old Radio Unity” the show will have occasional special episodes like chill out/classics/producer features. I hope you will enjoy the show and feel free to email me your feedback at, comment at my site or join the live discussion during the airing at:

Radio Unity topic at Afterhours forum

-With looove & rrrrespect from Helsinki, Orkidea