Radio Unity monthly on NRJ in Finland

Starting this Saturday (17.10.2009) my Radio Unity show will begin broadcasting on the national NRJ radio channel here in Finland. It comes out on the third Saturday of the month in the ‘NRJ At The Club’ show. So basically the weekend after my show. This week is different though as accidentally third Wednesday and Saturday don’t fit to same week.. So this time the radio show will have the mix first. The podcast will usually come out on the Sunday after the NRJ show is broadcasted. This time right after the show.

In the same slot 22-23 (my show is 23-24) is Heikki L’s (of Danceteria/Dallas Superstars fame) ‘Selected Trax’ show focusing on a more housey sound. NRJ at the Club has a great variety of shows rotating and it’s nice to see a major finnish radio channel fully supporting electronic dance music in the weekend evenings – which is naturally THE best time for enjoying it:) This has been in the talks for a looong time so it’s really nice to see Radio Unity returning to the FM radio waves. Big thanks to Dosse and other nice people at NRJ for the opportunity and good spirit!