[:reiv] NYE afterhours

My 2009 kicks off with a proper old school morning party. I’m playing at Eliot Ness’ & Co’s [:reiv] event at new venue Opera. Eliot has been organising all-nighters and morning parties since early 90s so it should be good. Personally I’ve spent my every New Year’s Eve DJing since 1993 so it’s pretty traditional and hedonistic xtravaganza.

Niko Hallamäki and Mehdi Younes owned Cafe Opera is kinda new venue. It used to be Den Kunliga Klubben but saw a total facelift and renewal couple months ago. I’ve seen the venue and I must say I was positively surprised. Very different from Kunliga & very stylish and I think it will function very well as morning venue. Some pictures at the Cafe Opera website. Main things that could be improved are sound system + lights but with Precision Audio providing the PA and Severi from Unity doing the lights I think those should be covered. Afterall it’s the music and people that makes a good party not wallpapers!

To suit [:reiv] club’s old school roots I’ll be playing an old school / classics set. I haven’t picked the records yet but I’ll spend a day with my 10 000+ record collection and take all kinds of things from the past 15 years with me and see how the morning goes. It won’t an all-time-biggest-dance-hits-megamix though as I hope to also bring some less known old great rarities. Some early Sasha & Digweed progressive house favorites, Unity classics from Nylon and Royal Cotton Club era, Lepakko times quality trance numbers, some 21st century house goodies and why not some early techno tracks too..? Probably not the 160bpm rave records from 1993 though;) It will also be my first vinyl gig since a long time which adds to my personal excitement!

I’m starting at 05:00 and playing four hours until 09:00. Last year’s party was a huge success so I’m expecting good vibes right from the beginning again. Other DJs include Eliot Ness and Roberto Rodriguez doing their techy thing in the main room and Niko Geselle and Italo-Sam from Unity Collective jamming on a more positive note in the second room. This will be a nice warm up for my 23 hour set on NYE 2010. More info about that during 2009…