Thank you

The annual Bassoradio Music Awards was held last night here in Helsinki at packed Virgin Oil venue and I was awarded as “DJ of the Year 2009”. BIG big thank you to everybody who supported me and Unity The Island in the voting. I feel truly honoured. Unity didn’t win but even getting a nomination in that company was something. Here’s a link to everyone who supported us:

Overall the categories were packed with strong nominates so the alternative music and club culture is in good shape currently in Finland. Looking at the nominates in the “DJ of the Year” category makes me feel good about the state of DJ culture in Finland as each name on the list is a worldclass DJ. Rrrrespect!!! It’s also nice that there is a strong sense of a community within the finnish DJs. Everybody is supporting the scene and each other rather than competing fiercely which is the case in some countries..

Absolutely humangous thanks to all the promoters who’ve been booking me throughout the years, all the parteee people who fill the dancefloors and create the vibe, Misc Management guys for years of bookings and managing, whole Unity possé for friendship and support, Slusnik Luna’s Niko & Nicke/Lowland/Heikki L/Super8 for helping with my productions, my family and most importantly my beloved partner, biggest supporter, source of inspiration and the love of my life Anu. You’re a superstar!!

Respect also to the Basso boys’n’girls (Ville, Petsku, Tommi, Jaako, Jan, Teemu, Jusa, Tuomas…) for the work they are doing for our subculture. Let’s all go out and buy the mag, listen the radio station, watch Basso TV and support them anyways we can! Here are the final awards results:

Artist of the year – Asa
Track of the year – Asa: Sanat ei tehnyt tätä laulua
Album of the year – Asa: Loppuasukas
New comer of the year – Les Corps Mince de Françoise
Event of the year – Flow Festival
Club of the year – Top Billin
DJ of the year – Orkidea
Artist of the year – VJ Finland
Company of the year – Fullsteam
Culture person of the year – Asa
Bassoradio program of the year – Kultabassokerho