Thank you China, thank you G Plus!

This week saw my first visit to main China. I’ve played couple times in Hong Kong but Shanghai and Hangzhau were quite different! It was an honour playing at Club G Plus 1st Anniversary event as the club has been said to be the #1 venue in Shanghai with guests like Paul van Dyk, Armin van Buuren and Deep Dish rocking this futuristic venue lately. Party was a blast with highlight being bartenders dancing on bar tables (which were on fire!) while pouring vodka straight to peoples mouths. Check out video here. The technical set-up was second to none at both venues with amazing VJ set-up, laser show and powerful EAW sound system at both venues. Music ranged from proggy house to full on trance. Check out the tracklist from my Shanghai set at tracklist section of the site. Big thanks and respect for local booking agent, DJ and overall nice guy Jim for bringing me over!